Monday, May 7, 2012

Clutter Free Classroom

Okay, now this struck a chord! As you know, I'm a crazy Pinterest girl. I was browsing today and found some cute Daily 5 posters. I click the link to navigate to the blog.
I read a little further down and see this teacher mention something about the Clutter Free Classroom project. Oh crappola!! That phrase alone should go on my "Resonating Words" board. Ugh… I had to read even further and see what that was all about.

What an idea! This teacher posted some pictures of her room (which aren't even in the same league as mine), but I was so striken by the bravery she showed in being transparent. I wondered if I could do the same. Heck no! My room needs HELP! I NEED HELP! I've struggled with this topic for years. I've worked with quite a few teammates over the years who are masters in this area! I've even picked their brains for ideas, but unfortunately, everyone's busy and it boils down to my clutter is my issue. I (weirdly) know where every single piece of paper and book are (98% of the time), but it's a little embarrassing when someone comes into my room because by others' standards, it looks like a pit!

Scared. Should I share? No; I can't.

I discovered that the Clutter-Free Classroomis an on-going blog and went there to see what it was all about. LOVE LOVE LOVE! What a fantastic concept! I have known many teachers (and administrators) who struggle with the APPEARANCE of organization, but I just can't keep it going for more than a couple weeks at a time. AND… finding times throughout the year to come in and work on just that is just not reality for my crazy busy family.

I am hopeful that following this awesome blog (and going to read back-posts) will be a big help as I strive to improve in this area. Can you grow, though, if you don't get all of your cards on the table? It's so hard, but… okay… here goes…
Teacher Work Station-- gross

Guided Reading Groups/Writing Conferences

Please… I would love to hear your thoughts on getting to where I want my room to be. 17 years at it and I'm still a BIG TIME work in progress!

Clutter-Free Classroom

 I look forward to hearing your feedback and to follow each other for more rich experiences for our students.

Have a fantastic day!

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