Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fall Into a Good Book

Creating a love for all things literacy is an on-going goal of mine. Students are learning as they go and developing a little more as each day passes. Here's a fun current tasks complete activity I have done with my students this fall. Enjoy!


Construction Paper (small size- prob 9x12ish)
   • blue (background)
   • green (grass) (cut lengthwise so that one piece is enough for two students)
   • brown (tree & arms)
   • red, yellow, orange, green (ripped into ~1cm pieces for leaves)

Little paper books
Paper eyes
Fall into a good book sign

I usually draw a bare tree with arms (I try to make the arms 2-3" in length) onto a piece of white copy paper. Then, copy it onto brown construction paper.

Students can make their green strip into a mound of grass and glue it to the bottom of their blue page.

Students will cut out the tree and arms and glue it onto their blue paper on top of the mound of grass. Arms should only be glued where they attach to the tree- about 1 cm- not the entire length of the arms (see sample).

The tree looking really perfect isn't necessary because it'll be cut out and covered with leaves.

I set the ripped paper leaves into separate plastic containers and have students get a few leaves of each color and glue onto the branches of the tree.

Once the students have their trees full of beautiful leaves, guide them in attaching the trees' eyes and Fall Into a Good Book sign.

Students should have about 1cm of each arm attached to the trunk of the tree. Bend the arms away from the paper and then make another bend at the hand (about 1cm). Students will then attach the book to the hands (blue hands to the back (color) side of the book (see sample).

Finally, I teach students to sign their name like an artist. The finished example (above) doesn't show he did that, but here's one that does.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and to follow each other for more rich experiences for our students.
Have a fantastic day!


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