Friday, November 22, 2013

I'm Thankful For

This is one of my favorite fun activities of the year. We always have a list of words that are applicable to whatever occasion is upcoming.

Since we are working toward two projects expressing gratitude (one writing piece and one art piece), we spend a bit more time brainstorming things we are thankful for. 

I gather my kiddos in the classroom library and have my two special helpers of the day pass out a large white paper on each student's desk. 

I have my own white paper on the easel and draw two brown circles on my paper. I send them to their desk to do the same. When they return, I show students how to draw 5 large feathers and then send them to their seats to do the same. It's important that they make their feathers as wide as the paper will fit (so they can write clearly). Then, they write in the lower circle, "I am thankful for…" and draw on a couple little feet. 

Then, I gather everyone up again and explain that on each feather, they will write one thing they are grateful for. I ask if there are other things they would like added to the list and do so at this time.

I model for students writing on the feathers with white crayon. It's important that they write their letters clearly- as neat as possible.

Then comes the fun! Once students have written what they're grateful for on each feather, they are ready to get some watercolors and paint each feather whatever color they choose. Here are some of my favorite quotes from today, "It's like magic!" and, "It's like uncovering a mystery."

Then, we add finishing touches onto the face of our turkey. I recommend using crayons for the face because the watercolors can be so runny, but most want to use them anyway. The kids just love this project and so do I!

I look forward to hearing your feedback and to follow each other for more rich experiences for our students.
Have a fantastic day!

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