Saturday, April 14, 2012

Special Helpers of the Day

I'm sure you've experienced too much stuff to do and not enough you to get it all done. Having classroom jobs is a big help and I do that, but I wanted to be sure that I was developing special time with each child on a regular basis.

I use my class roster and take the first two students on the first day and they're special helpers for the day. Some of the jobs I reserve for my special helpers are GET-TOs for them, but THANK YOUs for me… I don't include these in classroom jobs assigned because they're so coveted by students that I wanted them a little more special…we don't have arguments about who leads the line, who counts up & sets up lunch cards (our school's system) in the cafeteria, who gets to have carry our points binder to specialists (and back), who watches for hands as we review student behavior (Make Your Day), who "gets" to bring this or that to the lost and found, etc…

 Special helpers also get to use the class iPad (got with a grant) to do Listen to Reading (Daily 5) and have a friend join them, sometimes stay in at recess with a friend, get a special invite to have lunch with me (and a friend) at least twice per year (I keep track), or use the classroom computer to practice math facts.

I am immensely appreciative of my special helpers. These darling children help me in so many ways… just posting about this is a humbling moment… I love my Sweeties… my lifesavers.

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