Monday, April 9, 2012

Our classroom time is so precious that it is seldom that students can get on the computer in extra time, but I try to sneak in a few extra opportunities here and there. Each day, I have two "Special Helpers" in my classroom. There are little jobs and special things those two students get to do. I'll need to write a blog posting about my Special Helpers… this post is actually about (LOL I just made a typo-- corrected, but I have to LOL reveal that I typed… omgosh… seriously… I need some sleep).

Just in case you're not familiar with this site yet, friends, I wanted to write a little blip for you! I have been using as a basic facts resource for the last two years. Basically, you type in your student roster (first names are ideal… if you've got second language students, nevermind using accent marks unless your students know how to input them themselves).  Students log in from the classroom (or there are special parent flyers you can print off to for kids share with parents and use at home).

The program has a "teacher" that explains what to do and gives encouragement at the end of each section. Kids are encouraged to work on speed and accuracy. The program is adjustable by the teacher and even provides the  teacher with emails (if desired) of struggling students. You can even check their progress.

I allow my special helpers a little computer time if they have a few minutes of extra time after tasks. I have headphones on two (relic) student computers so those kids are able to work without (audibly) disrupting their classmates. The kids love it, so they're very excited for their day to be special helper, which is typically twice a month. 

Check this site out and give it a shot. I have even added my own children to my roster; neither of them are 2nd graders, but I was able to customize their specific program to their grade level and skills they need to work on. I think you'll be glad you gave it a try!

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  1. I love this site! Another fun one to try is; sumdog features math practice in game form. My second grade students loved the bunny hop game. You can also create challenges/competitions for your class.